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Plastic Surgery and Spa, Day Spa, MedSpa and Dentistry
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ClinicMori - Lifestyle Medical Centre

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Business Overview

ClinicMori - Lifestyle Medical Centre

Clinic Mori offers wide range of treatment tailored to suit the needs of each individual.

Clinic Mori assists clients in obtaining a healthier, younger and more attractive look by its Life Style Medical CareR process.

Our treatment begins with detailed consultation and examinations to determine the optimal approach for each patient, suited to surroundings and lifestyle.

Specialised fields of treatment offered by Clinic Mori include Aesthetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction, Beauty Skin Care and Rejuvenation Treatment.

Pastic and Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery;
and Beauty Skin Treatments

Sensitive cosmetic considerations including the identification of the unique characteristics of beauty already present in every individual’s facial and physical traits, together with superior surgical techniques, are among the distinguishing aspects of treatment at Clinic Mori.

Clinic Mori also offers non-surgical treatments to assist clients to look younger, healthier and more attractive by skin tightening; eliminating wrinkles, pimples, moles liver spots, freckles with IPL or other suitable laser, and unwanted hair removals by RF laser treatments with minimum down time; the latest PRP treatment for skin rejuvenation by own’ blood.

Surgical Procedures
Clinic Mori specializes not only in treating congenital issues such as cleft lip, cleft palate or misshapen ears, but also in minimizing any unwanted or age related changes to the face, breasts or body. Listed below are the most common operations that Clinic Mori undertakes.

Products and Services Overview

Breast surgery procedures:







Body contouring procedures:



    Tummy Tuck (adominalplasty)


Facial surgery:


    Nose sculpting (rhinoplasty)

    Face lift (including minimum incision face lift)

    Brow lift


    Eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty-correcting dropping eye lids and puffy bags below eyes)

ClinicMori - Lifestyle Medical Centre

1-1-5, Moto Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0051 Japan


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