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Here you find plastic surgery, cosmetic surgey, spa, day spa, dental surgery and dentists around the world. You have several posibilities to find your plastic surgeon, your cosmetic surgeon, a plastic surgery clinic, a cosmetic surgery clinic or places for spa, wellness, day spa, dental surgery and dentists all over the world. Either you use the map below, the quick search further below. Or you can navigate through the menu above. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


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Are you planning a beauty treatment (breast enlargement, liposuction, facial tightening, wrinkle injection, nasal correction)?
Are you looking for a doctor for a cosmetic surgery?
Are you looking for a clinic for a cosmetic surgery?
On our doctors & clinic directory you will find numerous doctors & clinics worldwide!

But no matter what treatment or surgery you are planning, you should consider a detailed planning!
Decision making:
Do you really want this surgery?
Are you suitable for surgery?
What are the risks of the planned beauty operation?
What procedures are there and which procedure is right for you?
What surgical technique is right for you?
You should never forget that a beauty surgery is a medical procedure that can take risks.

Search for Surgeon & Clinic:
Take your time, to find the right surgeon or clinic!
Belongs the doctor to a recognized specialist organization?
What are the qualifications and experiences of the doctor?
Does the doctor has good references of his former work?
A personal consultation is a must in front of every surgery and clarifies some questions!

Cost of a plastic surgery:
What are the costs of a plastic, cosmetic surgery?
Is the post-treatment included in the costs?
Will you have costs, because you need convalescence after surgery?
Always keep the quality and qualifications of the doctors & clinics in mind and not just the price!
Because nothing is more expensive than a failed operation!

Plastic, Cosmetic surgery abroad.
Do doctors and clinics work according to international standards such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) or American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), EBOPRAS.
Do your doctors, surgeons have national quality seals or quality seals, such as the EurSafety quality network?
Consider problems such as communication problems!
Is perhaps an agency for medical tourism the right thing for me?
Keep an eye on the exchange rates as this can save money!
Before you opt for treatment in another country / state, talk to your doctor in your home country and consult with your insurance company.
If you have problems abroad, in case of emergency contact the embassy in your home country.
Finally, the decision is yours, which you must take into consideration of risks and benefits for yourself.

After the operation
Is the post-treatment included in the costs?
What if you are dissatisfied with the result?
For which doctor or clinic you should decide and which reasons were decisive for you, you must make the decision yourself.

Our directory gives no recommendations, but is only a list of doctors & clinics without any evaluation!


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